Chill illustrates another cover for Pique News Magazine!!

A handful of illustrators were asked to compete for the cover. Everyone handed in sketches and they picked Chill's. Gotta like that. Here's her bio for the cover: Christy Hill was eager to illustrate the cover, having frequently heard of scaled vertical from her brother, Greg Hill, 3 time winner of the randonee rally. She utilized fragments of colour and x-acto like edges to express the lure of the mountains and a zest for the backcountry. Yup, that's supposed to look like her younger bro, Greg. Here's a link to his bio (pop up) on the Arc'teryx site. They're a sponsor of his.

"As the development coordinator for the International Ski Mountaineering Council, the governing body for ski mountaineering racing, Faulkner wants to use Whistler and the festival to raise the profile of ski mountaineering racing. To have it included in the 2014 Olympics. “The first three Olympic ski events were ski mountaineering – hike up. Ski down. It’s the root of the modern ski competition. Now there’s a growing tour in Europe. And it’s just emerging in North America with the randonee rally.”

by Lisa Richardson