OK so it has been a rather busy year and I have not updated this site quite as much as I would have liked. Actually, not nearly as much as I would have liked. My apologies!! Just incase you thought I was slacking, I do have a lot of other work to show you. I hope to get to posting it, eventually. Things seem to be changing around here so I hope to be back to my old self sometime soon. This would mean regular updates for your perusal. In case, I forgot to tell you, C and I bought a place on top of Burnaby Mountain. Our place has light and a beautiful view. I love it here. Feast or famine just doesn't cut it anymore.I have a part-time job now as a Creative Arts Assistant because I need some consistent funds for my mortgage, ya know! So things are changing for me but hopefully that only means more freedom for better projects.

Ok, as always my illustrations cover a barrage of subjects. However, this style was originally developed by me (Chill) with and for John Ngan, the last Art Director at Enterprise magazine. The business illustrations come after the other subject matters.
otherwise, if you click on the next button below you will go to sports and other subjects, which is absoutely fine if that is where you want to go.