This illustration was created to run with five short stories about the worst summer jobs ever.

In this story, the main character works for The Mouse at a lousy hot dog stand. She quickly discovers that there’s a hierarchy built into Disneyland where all the hot boys are hired as Jungle Boat cruise guides and the hot girls work for the Old West Saloon.

The art director and I furthered this idea of the less desirables being given jobs where they must hide behind masks and merged it with the rumours that the seven dwarfs take long smoke breaks in cobweb ridden storage rooms. The hot kids get the night off to watch the fireworks while the underpaid grumpy dwarf is expected to work late into the night. Ironically one year when I was a wee lass, all my siblings dressed up as the seven dwarves at Halloween9only we were six) ,and guess who was grumpy dwarf! ;)