You'll find busines, lifestyle & fashion illustrations in this portfolio as well as a few other subjects mixed in.

This style has been used for posters, advertisements, manuals, magazines, newspapers, a CD-Rom, jewelry designs, websites & presentations.

I have plenty of fans for this style.

Animals are a woman's best friend and well, deers are just such wonderful gentle creatures as long as they aren't eating your garden. Since, I live in a condo I don't have to worry about that so I can just admire them. Of course, my cats are really the ones who somehow know exactly when I need a cuddle, or a visit or one big long purrrrrrr . They are simply the best cuddlers in the world and keep my lap and life full. Of course, they like to trample along my keyboard and C's too.

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All Images and Artwork Copyright Christy Hill, 2010 (Chill)