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Fax Background

“Retirement is disturbing,” says Rennie Hoffman, a V.P. Credit Union director who, along with 174 other Vancouver police officers, retired last fall. Only 54, the robust former sergeant still rises at 5:30 every morning, but instead of rushing off to work, paces the kitchen waiting for the newspaper. “There’s a lack of structure to my day,” Hoffman admits. “I’m still working on finding a new routine.” Partly, there’s a void because there are so many decisions to be made, each hinging on the other. Although Hoffman has a healthy pension, he’s unsure whether to hoard the money, travel or invest in his own business. If he does start his own business, what kind of business should it be and when is the best time to start it? Can he afford the expenditure of time and money on a new venture? What happens if the business is a failure and he and his wife live to 100?"

by Laureen Griffin

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