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Originally, this style was developed by CHILL for Art Director John Ngan of Enterprise magazine.
But, things are a changing and he has left Enterprise and has moved on to bigger things. If you need an illustrator for a regular column, I'm the one!, I'm reliable, dependable and easy to work with. Really. If you require a specific style for your magazine, for branding a product or you would like to work with someone local and can't find the style you want, feel free to see if CHILL will or can develop it for you.

This style was utilized to illustrate a regular column, Office Affairs written by Laureen Griffin but after many years I began to illustrate another column, Dear Ali in the same magazine. They were both about office politics so the style remained! This style is rough and edgy. I love the feeling of working in ink, letting the ink have its say and allowing it to place it's own mark on the page.

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