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Chill's Teen Portfolio

This was a great project to work on --something to feel really good about. Basically, it's a workbook for teens to use to overcome depression. Christy worked closely with Dr.Dan Bilsker(of Mheccu) on the concepts and created twenty illustrations for this manual to communicate with teens. The style is rendered with black marker and cleaned up and prpared for print. 20,000 copies will be printed and distributed to general practioners, psychologists, psychiatrists and school counselors. It'll also be online. Karen Cowl from Stripe Graphic's was hired by Dr. Dan to create the graphic's in a teeny bopper style. This was a great project and CHILL hopes to do more like it. What could be better then using artistic powers for the good.

Download the PDF Dealing With Depression (DWD) Self care here.

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