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Women Can't Have it All

"Motherhood and career advancement can be as difficult as juggling fire props while riding a unicycle. There are some sound economic reasons for credit unions to find ways to accommodate the biological imperative of childbearing.

The trepidation that envelops this issue arises not only from the reluctance to invade an employee’s privacy, but from an aversion to igniting the emotion that pervades the entire debate on whether motherhood and corporate advancement are compatible. Much has been written about women’s inability to scale the “glass ceiling”, their detours to the “mommy paths” that often turn into dead ends, and their crashing against the “mommy wall...
... The good news is that demographics and economics may finally suck the life out of such anachronistic attitudes and accomplish what feminism alone could not: a sharing of adult responsibilities at work and home by adults of both sexes. Attracting and retaining good help is already getting difficult as the baby boomers start retiring. No company can afford to dismiss half the population from its consideration for the top jobs, especially when women are earning 60 percent of all post secondary degrees in Canada and have been doing so for the past decade."

by Laureen Griffin

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