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Coffee Break- Workplace crushes & billboard humour

There's been a slight change. I'm now illustrating Dear Ali letters in a new section, Coffee Break. It maintains the same inky style and it's for Enterprise. For this illustration we merged two letters and it seemed to work quite well. The overall gist was about workplace etiquette and questions concerning boundaries.

"We have an ongoing issue in the kitchen that is shared by the entire floor - someone is writing immature and childish comments on the notices on the bulletin board. The comments are not necessarily angry or target anyone in particular, but display a lack of judgment.
Any suggestions?
– Not Amused

I really, really like a co-worker, and I think that he likes me too. I’m wondering whether my credit union would approve or disprove of a relationship if it ever came to that. I wouldn’t have a ‘secret affair,’ as I would want to openly date this person. What are the general rules and guidelines for dating a co-worker.
– Big Crush

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