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Coffee Break- How to ask for a raise and get pierced (subtly)

Again for this illustration we merged two letters and their responses. The overarching theme was concerned with presenting your case and the idea that times are a changing hence the managers tatoos. Arg, there's only enough room for a portion of one lettter and one response, better pick up a mag. ;)

Dear Ali:
I have come up with a number of ideas that have increased the service level at the credit union where I work. I have received congratulations from my supervising manager, but I haven’t been offered any monetary recognition. Is it part of one’s job to come up with ideas that raise the level of service? How do I negotiate a raise?
Wanna Raise

Dear WR:
Yes, it is part of the job to come up with good ideas, and these ideas don’t have to be rewarded by extra money. Your annual salary is the major (but not the only part) of your compensation. So what can you do? It sounds to me that you are interested in building the credit union that you are working for right now, and that is an important aptitude for leaders. You might consider asking your manager about management and leadership development programs.You can also ask for a raise. I would suggest that you go in with a ‘business case’ for the raise, and go in wondering, rather than demanding. ..

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