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Coffee Break- I’m (hack, cough) off to work

Dear Ali: 
 Why do people come to work sick? Do they think it makes them look like better 
I'm Next, I Just Know It. 
"Dear I’m Next: 
So long as the person is not spreading a life-threatening disease like tuberculosis, there is no clear prohibition against being sick at work. For some people, being sick at work is a necessary evil; meetings can take months of advance notice and preparation and can’t be cancelled or postponed.

That said, coming to work sick can be unfair to co-workers and members. A 24-hour delay on meetings is not going to spell ruin for the credit union. If you must work, see if it is possible to work from home. Can you telephone into the meeting?

Sometimes people don’t call in sick because of a culture of dismissiveness around sickness. We sometimes assume that the person is taking the day off because they’re lazy or had too much to drink the night before. If you’re told that someone in your office has called in sick, try responding to the news by sincerely saying, “I hope they get better soon, we miss them around here.” Avoid the jokes and winks. Stay at home if you’re sick and recognize that other people need to stay home too."
by Alisdair Smith

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