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Coffee Break- Internet Pitfalls

Dear Ali:
I download free music from a channel that has a high level of privacy to protect my anonymity. I’ve learned that child porn is also being shared through this same channel, because of the high degree of privacy it affords. If I continue to download music from this channel, am I in someway responsible for the distribution of child porn?
Music Maniac

Dear MM:
I must say off the top that most credit unions have a policy against downloading anything onto work computers that is not directly related to work. There are also risk management issues related to the downloading of items from the Internet that carry viruses that can threaten the integrity of the credit union.

That said, you raise an important general question about the many links on the Internet that appear innocuous on the one hand and yet can lead people into scary waters. My own opinion is that anything that makes it easier for purveyors of child porn to operate is to be avoided. And, as a supporter of musicians, let’s keep the music going by allowing musicians to earn money. If you are going to download music, use a reputable pay service that gives at least some money (11 percent is the usual quoted figure) to the artists, writers, publishers and producers of the music.

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