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Coffee Break- Office Slights

Dear Ali:
I am a gay man who has worked in the credit union system for several years. Last year, when I brought my partner to a staff party, my manager was obviously uncomfortable. My partner and I plan to marry, and when colleagues found out, they offered their congratulations. My manager did not. Should I just ignore such slights? Can this negatively affect me down the road?
Happily Betrothed

Dear HB,
First of all, congratulations! There should be no reason for you to fear reprisal or future negative impacts. You must not be made to feel that your sexual orientation has any impact on your job, opportunities for development or your relationships in the workplace. We are all entitled to a safe and secure workplace, regardless of ethnic origin, gender, or sexual orientation.

Same-sex marriage is less than five years old in Canada and there are still lots of people trying to get their heads around the idea. Your manager may be one of them. As difficult as it may be, you might go and speak to her, perhaps away from the office, and tell her how you are feeling. The two of you might find new footing for your working relationship. No promises on how it might work out, but at least you've tried.

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